Friday, October 15, 2010

Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Word is a basic skill that any student needs.  Taking online tutorials or using the help function within Microsoft Word are great places to start.  Microsoft has many tools that can help you format a paper correctly, insert information, and ensure you have correct spelling and grammar within your paper.  Microsoft Word 2007 is different from Microsoft Word 2003.  2007 has updated features which allow the user to use all funcations in an easier manner.  2007 is more user freindly for students who do not have much experince with Microsoft products.  Also in 2007 you can save documents in a compatible format so that users with the older version of Microsoft Word can open your files.  If you are new to Microsoft Word I would recommend 2007 and the different online tutorials available.  It is very user freindly and a great asset for your learning.

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